About This CD

This CD offers a comprehensive executive summary of the Human Resources for Health (HRH) Action Workshop in Johannesburg and presents a detailed agenda with links to HRH presentations, notes from working group discussions and HRH action plans that identify priorities and next steps. In keeping with the Workshop’s methodology, which encouraged a highly participatory approach to knowledge sharing and respected the language and contributions of individual participants, the notes and action plans have not been summarized and have been only lightly copyedited.

The effort in Johannesburg—based in conversation, participation and cooperation among participants—represents a step in the evolving process of building human resources for health. This CD is designed to facilitate post-Workshop collaboration through further dialogue, critical thinking, knowledge sharing, planning and action.

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For more information about the Johannesburg HRH Action Workshop or future Action Workshops, contact:

Dr. James McCaffery

Interim Director, Technical Resources
The Capacity Project

Ummuro Adano

Human Resource Systems Advisor
The Capacity Project


The Capacity Project wishes to thank the participants for their enthusiasm and generous sharing of their significant expertise and experience. We would like to express our appreciation to USAID and Capacity Project staff and partners who provided thoughtful and strategic input throughout a careful planning process, including Ann Lion Coleman, Lois Schaefer and Estelle Quain at USAID. Thanks to the workshop facilitators: Ann Lion Coleman, USAID, and from the Capacity Project, James McCaffery, Ummuro Adano, Margaret Caffrey and Tim Martineau. Dana Singleton, the Capacity Project, served wonderfully as the Workshop’s logistical manager while Ginny Buchanan and Maggie Vaughn, both with the Capacity Project, provided onsite support. Thanks to all of you.

Contributors to the development of this CD:

  • Dr. James McCaffery, Interim Director, Technical Resources, the Capacity Project
  • Ummuro Adano, Human Resource Systems Advisor, the Capacity Project
  • Shannon Turlington, Knowledge Management Specialist, the Capacity Project
  • Lindsey Graham, Knowledge Management Assistant, the Capacity Project
  • Elizabeth Bunch, Knowledge Management Specialist, the Capacity Project
  • Jacqueline Dowdell, Knowledge Management Associate, the Capacity Project
  • Kirk Schmidt, CD and Website Programmer and Graphic Design Specialist, Independent Contractor
  • Scott Pritchard, IT Support Technician, IntraHealth International