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Where We Work / Kenya

Kenya’s health care system suffers from a critical shortage of skilled health workers and managers. The country’s public health sector and not-for-profit health organizations are overwhelmed by the strain of coping with HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care in addition to other priority health services. There are not enough doctors, nurses and other trained providers in place to run the basic health services, let alone HIV/AIDS-specific services. The country’s rural districts are marked by especially high HIV prevalence, yet these areas bear the largest burden of the health worker shortage.

As Kenya’s government takes forward its ambitious plans to provide HIV/AIDS treatment to all infected persons, the health sector needs to respond with short- and long-term solutions to ensure that there are sufficient human resources to provide key services for HIV/AIDS without losing ground in other essential areas.

The goal of the Capacity Project’s work in Kenya was to increase the ability of the public health sector to rapidly mobilize additional qualified health workers and also to strengthen long-term human resources for health planning and management. Through a range of targeted activities, the Project helped Kenya’s Ministry of Health expand access to HIV/AIDS services and deliver quality health programs in priority posts in selected geographic regions.

For more information about the Capacity Project’s work in Kenya, read the country brief.

Capacity Project activities in Kenya are continuing through a Capacity Project Associate Award led by IntraHealth International.

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