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As a key contribution toward increasing human capacity in national health systems, the Capacity Project hosted a series of Human Resources for Health (HRH) Action Workshops. The first workshop—held in Johannesburg, South Africa in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme/Southern Africa Capacity Initiative—facilitated the exchange of knowledge and best practices in planning, developing and supporting the health workforce. The second workshop was held in Accra, Ghana in partnership with the West African Health Organization, World Health Organization/AFRO, Global Health Workforce Alliance and USAID.

The HRH Action Workshop objectives include:

  • Promoting a shared HRH vision across countries in order to facilitate collaboration and illuminate an inspirational better future toward which we are all working
  • Expanding the HRH knowledge base by creating opportunities for participants to share knowledge about HRH issues and their potential solutions
  • Helping develop a critical mass of HRH advocates and problem solvers that will accelerate the application of appropriate HRH practices and tools in their specific settings
  • Generating action plans for the implementation of new HRH practices and tools after the workshop.

HRH Action Workshop, 2007

September 23-28, 2007, Accra, Ghana.

HRH Action Workshop, 2006

January 17-20, 2006, Johannesburg, South Africa. Also see the related publication on Methodology and Highlights.

HRH Action Workshop Assessment

July 2008. This report assesses the workshop's influence on subsequent country-level HRH activities, and found that a combination of the workshop methodology and the right participants led to notable HRH action in several countries.