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Where We Work / Namibia

Namibia has made impressive gains in economic, political and social development since its independence in 1990. However, poverty remains a serious problem and the country’s most precious asset, its human resource base, is being devastated by the HIV epidemic. HIV prevalence is estimated at 22% among the adult population, and TB prevalence is the second highest in the world.

Treatment facilities run by faith-based organizations (FBOs) and services offered by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are important components of the government’s strategy for mitigating the impact of HIV and AIDS. In Namibia, FBO health care delivery sites and community-based providers account for a large portion of HIV/AIDS services. However, their funding is insufficient to deliver such high-demand services with the greatest efficacy.

The Capacity Project commenced operations in Namibia in June 2006. Initially, the Project focused principally on clinical strengthening––to review and improve the model of HIV care and treatment at five FBO hospitals, supporting the eight program areas of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. The Project’s work expanded to provide human resources for health technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and Social Services as well as FBOs and NGOs. The overall goal was to build the capacity of these and other local organizations to develop, implement and scale up comprehensive HIV prevention, treatment, care and support programs.

The Project worked primarily through faith-based mission hospitals, NGOs and a professional society at the national and regional levels. The prevention component focused on students, community members, health workers and pregnant women, while the treatment, care and support programs focused on people affected by and infected with HIV.

Project activities in Namibia continue through a Capacity Project Associate Award led by IntraHealth International (FY2009-2013). The award furthers the Project’s successful work in strengthening a network of faith-based and community-based indigenous Namibian organizations to offer high-quality, comprehensive HIV/AIDS services, and in strengthening human resources information systems in conjunction with the Government of Namibia.

For more information about the Capacity Project’s work in Namibia, read the country brief.

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