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Where We Work / Ukraine

Stronger health professional associations can help address two critical human resources for health (HRH) issues: attracting more people into the health professions; and supporting, sustaining and retaining those health workers who are already employed within the health sector. To address HRH issues related to out-migration and the lack of an adequate supply of well-trained professionals to deliver key services, the Capacity Project worked to strengthen professional associations in Ukraine, Kenya and Uganda.

With support from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (SOGC) of Canada, the Capacity Project assisted the Ukrainian Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to expand membership by more than 50%, add a WHO-based family planning training module to its training curriculum, create a website to disseminate professional information and build a core team of instructors to sustain training of future members in emergency obstetric care and family planning. Collaboration between doctors and nurses improved, and the association opened its doors to midwives and general practitioners, demonstrating increased understanding between ob/gyn specialists and midwife-practitioners.

To strengthen the knowledge and skills of individual providers, the Project helped to implement the SOGC’s continuing education initiative—the ALARM International Program Plus—in Ukraine. ALARM is a five-day training and mobilizing tool focusing on the main causes of maternal and neonatal mortality, morbidity and family planning. It further sensitizes participants to a rights-based approach and the importance of audits in initiatives aimed at the reduction of maternal mortality and morbidity.

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